[Chimera-users] Still having connection problems with Internet...

Kenward Vaughan kay_jay at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 21 10:33:42 PST 2008

Hi all,

I wrote in once about this, and have only slowly paid attention to it
due to busy schedules, kids, etc.  I have build # 2576, and the darned
thing pesters me for registration ;-) and still cannot connect for
DL'ing PDB's from the data bank.  

I have no proxy server, and this issue did not exist in earlier versions
(I'm uncertain how long ago, to be honest... within a year, I believe).

The usual error notice shows up on attempted registration, and fetch
attempts give a socket error about a service being unknown:

Error reading 1d66:
Error during PDB fetch: [Errno socket error] (-2, 'Name or service not

All other Internet apps I have work well.

What else can I try to clear this up?

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