[Chimera-users] Yesterday's daily build is nice!

lvyuan zhang gleanerly at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 12 08:16:10 PST 2008

Dear Chimera Team,
      I tried yesterday's build and it worked nice for my purpose. It totally solved the transparent ribbon problem that always bothers me. Thank you so much!
     Besides that, I still have two concerns. 
     1. When I show a Ca with both sphere and ribbon, these two do not overlap well. The ribbon supposedly should go through the center of the sphere, but it actually only goes through the edge of the sphere. Can you please solve this?
     2. In the ribbon style editor, the heights can not go below 0.05. This becomes a problem when I raytrace a partially transparent helix with low resolution. The image is obviously blurred, and the blurness is caused by the slight shift between the two faces of the helix. It looks better if I save image with high resolution, but you know high resolution takes longer time. 
    Thank you again! 

Luyuan Zhang

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