[Chimera-users] (Thermal ellipsoids) anisotropic temperature factor ellipsoids

David Chenoweth dchen at caltech.edu
Wed Dec 10 15:41:09 PST 2008

Dear Chimera team,

It looks like preserving PDB ANISOU in Chimera is now a solved problem  
and I was just wondering if the ability to display anisotropic  
temperature factor ellipsoids would be added soon. Our small molecule  
lab and molecular observatory at Caltech is starting to use Chimera  
and I think small molecule crystallography labs in general would use  
Chimera more if this feature were available. I do have to admit that I  
am interested in this feature for selfish reasons. I am using Chimera  
for several publications and for the graphics in my thesis which, has  
to be finished in the next couple of weeks, and I would really like to  
use this feature.

Thanks in advance,
Dave Chenoweth

David M. Chenoweth
California Institute of Technology
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Mail Code: 164-30
1200 California Boulevard, 91125 Pasadena
California, USA

Phone: 626-395-6074
Email: dchen at caltech.edu
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