[Chimera-users] generating a density map

William Jeffrey Triffo triffo at rice.edu
Tue Dec 9 15:33:42 PST 2008


I remember seeing a pdb-to-density-map discussion at some point on this 
mail list, maybe using something from the EMAN package (pdb2mrc or 
something like that)?

At any rate, a colleague recently asked me if I knew a way to generate a 
density map from point-cloud data that he has. This sounds a lot like 
the same question, except his data is anisotropic in z, so instead of 
assuming an isotropic/spherical gaussian around point centers, he has 
different sigmas for x/y and z.

Does anyone have an algorithm he might be able to use to generate an MRC 
map from this kind of data? He is wanting to do some volume 
visualization, but to use Chimera he would need some sort of volume map 
(such as MRC).

thanks for any advice on this,


Jeff Triffo
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