[Chimera-users] mclip slabs for multiple axes

David A. C. Beck dacb at u.washington.edu
Tue Dec 9 09:43:50 PST 2008

I would like to be able to setup multiple per model clipping planes on 
different axes at the same time.  As an example, mclip slabs from 0 to 10 
angstroms on each axis simultaneously to reveal just those atoms in the 
0,0,0 to 10,10,10 space.  Is there a way to do this that I have missed? 
Maybe with another tool or the gui?

I originally imagined that I would be able to do is something like this 
where mclip leaves any existing mclips until cleared with ~mclip #model.
# clear all existing clipping planes
~mclip #0
# stack the clipping planes to reveal just the box 0,0,0 ... 10,10,10
mclip #0 slab true thickness 10 axis x
mclip #0 slab true thickness 10 axis y
mclip #0 slab true thickness 10 axis z

But each successive call to mclip clears the previous per model clipping 

  - David

David A. C. Beck, Ph.D.
dacb at u.washington.edu
Valerie Daggett Laboratory
University of Washington, Seattle

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