[Chimera-users] How to generate submodels in a mol2 file in Chimera?

CHIU,YEUNG adolphsdchiu at ufl.edu
Mon Dec 1 04:34:19 PST 2008

Dear friends,

Hello! I'm wondering how many models and submodels in all can 
Chimera save into one single mol2 file? Right now I can have 
models only 0-9 into one single mol2 file. I think I'm going to 
use submodels, but how can I generate them? For instance, if I 
have a brunch of pdb files which contain one molecule each, I'd 
like to combine them into one mol2 file, which has a submodel 
corresponding to each molecule. (If this statement of the problem 
is not clear enough, please let me know).

Thank you for your help and sorry to bother the others. Best 

Sincerely yours

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