[Chimera-users] Chimera with 3d (6-axis) mouse?

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Apr 8 12:02:17 PDT 2008

Hi Lee,

  I added Chimera support for the Space Navigator 6-degree-of-freedom 
input device (costs only $60) for Mac and Windows.


I expect it will work with other 3dconnexion devices such as your Space 
Explorer.  If you download the current Chimera daily build


for Windows or Mac OS and have the 3dconnexion driver installed, the 
device will move and rotate Chimera models.

  I have only two button assignments:  Button1 or Fit centers the models 
and scales them to fit in the window, Button2 toggles a mode allowing 
simultaneous rotation and translation (default off is called "dominant" 
mode by 3dconnexion).  The Windows Control Panel or Mac OS System 
Preferences lets you change the assignments of the device buttons.  You 
may not have any assigned to be "Button2" unless you change those settings.

  There are also a few keyboard shortcuts that change modes.  Shortcuts 
or Accelerators are turned on with menu entry Tools / General Controls / 
Accelerators On.  Shortcut "nf" turns on "fly through" mode.  Instead of 
the device behaving as if you are holding the models it is used to 
control the viewer position (ie. pushing forward flies you forward 
rather than pushing the models away from you).  It is hard to control -- 
needs more programming work.  Shortcut "na" allows the device to move 
both inactive (frozen) and active models.  This can be useful if you are 
docking a molecule into a map with the mouse and changing view points of 
both molecule and map using the space navigator.  Shortcut "nd" toggles 
translate/rotate only mode (i.e. "dominant" mode).  I just added that 
today so it won't be in Chimera until tonight's builds.


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