[Chimera-users] copy cmd in nogui script

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Apr 1 13:18:26 PDT 2008

On Mar 28, 2008, at 2:50 PM, Ryan Pavlovicz wrote:

> Hi Eric,
> I saw your response on the Chimera user group to a question about  
> saving images in nogui mode.
> You mentioned:
> > With POVray in the latest snapshot, you can now use the "raytrace"
> > keyword of the copy command to get a ray-traced image in nogui mode.
> >
> > --Eric
> >
> Could you explain how to implement this?  I could not figure it  
> out.  Thanks,
> ryan

Well you probably had trouble because, unbeknownst to me, what I  
wrote wasn't actually true.  Currently, the geometry generation code  
of Chimera is intimately tied up with the OpenGL code, so Chimera  
still needs an OpenGL context even in nogui mode in order to generate  
the geometry to send to POVray.  Rather than engage in an extensive  
rewrite of the Chimera internals, what we are doing for now is making  
builds that include the OS (off screen) Mesa libraries.  We are  
making such builds for 32 and 64 bit Linux platforms, but only the 64- 
bit version is building right now.  We expect to get the 32-bit  
version working as time allows in the next few weeks.  You can get  
the 64-bit version by following the "Daily Builds" link off the  
Chimera home page.

We aren't planning to make OS Mesa builds for the other platforms,  
but if there were enough demand we could change our minds.

I've attached an image generated by the following set of commands:

	windowsize 640 480
	open 3fx2
	preset apply int 3
	turn y 180
	focus ligand
	copy file 3fx2 png raytrace

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