[Chimera-users] Frozen chimera

hsosa at aecom.yu.edu hsosa at aecom.yu.edu
Fri Sep 28 11:45:34 PDT 2007

Here is an update with the problem that I had with my nvidia Quadro 900 
XGL running chimera and freezing the system.

It was a hardware problem with the card (it seems that the fan was not 
working and something got burned ??). At the beginning only OpenGL 
applications such as Chimers or Google Earth  were causing trouble 
freezing the system. Eventually display problems appeared all the time 
regardless of the application. I replaced the card (for an ATI Radeon 
9550) and now everything seem to work fine

Thanks for the previous suggestions



Thomas Goddard wrote:
> Hi Hernando,
>   You might find a solution by changing the Nvidia driver performance 
> and quality settings.  Right click on the desktop, select Properties, 
> Settings, Advanced, Quadro 900 XGL to find these.  Generally you would 
> want to change the settings to lower performance.  The bugs seem to 
> usually be in the graphics driver optimizations, and perhaps your case 
> is related to having multiple processors.
>     Tom

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