[Chimera-users] seelction around map

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Sep 7 13:57:36 PDT 2007

Hi Dhiraj,

  You can select just the atoms in a map with some Chimera black magic.  
There is a keyboard shortcut "oa" that restricts the currently selected 
set of atoms to those that are above the threshold level of the volume 
data set shown in the volume dialog.  If you start by selecting all 
atoms (menu Select / Select All or shortcut "sa") then use "oa" then you 
have the atoms outside the map selected, then invert the selection (menu 
Select / Invert or shortcut "is").  These Chimera shortcuts need to be 
enabled using menu entry Tools / General Controls / Accelerators On, and 
then you can type the two letter key sequences into the main Chimera window.

  Here's a list of other shortcuts.



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