[Chimera-users] request regarding atomspec balloon

Elaine Meng meng at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Oct 26 12:11:33 PDT 2007

Hi JD,
We assumed you meant to say that the atomspec balloons are NOT  
showing on your computer, even though you have the preference to show  
them turned on.

We (actually Eric and Conrad) looked at this on two different Windows  
XP computers, and it worked fine.  It must be something specific  
about your computer.  You could try using the bug-reporting dialog  
(choose from the menu Help... Report a Bug), which will automatically  
include some information about your hardware.  It may not be possible  
to solve the problem if we do not have the same problem on our  
computers, however.
Elaine C. Meng, Ph.D.                          meng at cgl.ucsf.edu
UCSF Computer Graphics Lab and Babbitt Lab
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of California, San Francisco

On Oct 26, 2007, at 11:26 AM, Jean Didier Pie Marechal wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> long time no...written...
> I observed that the "show atomspec balloon" does appear when I  
> point an atom with the cursor. I have the preferences well set but  
> I can't have it working.
> I use the last build (25 october) and I work on windows XP.
> Cheers,
> JD
> Dr. Jean-Didier Maréchal
> Professor Lector
> Unitat de Química Física
> Departament de Química
> Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
> Edifici C.n.
> 08193 Cerdanyola (Barcelona)
> Tel: +34.935814936
> e-mail: JeanDidier.Marechal at uab.es

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