[Chimera-users] Questions on recording movies for use in PowerPoint

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Oct 18 10:36:59 PDT 2007

Hi Gene,

   Use the Movie Recorder dialog Movie Options pane and increase the 
"bit rate" from the default 2000 Kbits/s to say 6000 Kbits/s.  If you 
are using the "movie" command use the option "bitrate 6000".  Another 
option that will improve the quality is to turn on supersampling (3x3) 
in the Movie Recorder Frame Options panel, or use "supersample 3" with 
the movie command.  This will create an image 3 times larger for each 
frame and then smooth it down to the size of the Chimera window.  That 
eliminates jagged edges.  More details are in the Chimera manual.


Raytracing will give a glossy appearance with better lighting highlights 
and with shadows but the appearance can be somewhat different then what 
you see on screen.


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