[Chimera-users] ppt and movies

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Nov 26 14:21:48 PST 2007

Hi Markus,

   First I'd suggest that the best supported movie format on the Mac is 
Quicktime, so you should use the Chimera movie command option "mformat 
mov", or leave the mformat option out since quicktime is the default.

   As Damir mentioned sometimes movies play on one screen but not a 
second one when two displays are used at the same time.  I haven't seen 
that on a Mac but have on Linux.  I would not expect this to be 
dependent on the movie format, but it is possible that some formats 
allow simultaneous display at two screen resolutions while others don't. 
  It would be worth testing some other movie not made in Chimera in 
powerpoint in the same presentation to see if it is a specific problem 
to the Chimera movie.

   To get higher resolution you want to record the movie with a larger 
Chimera window.  If you are going to play the movie full screen in a 
presentation than you need to record it with a large Chimera window so 
it does not have to be blown up too much which would make it blocky. 
The Chimera supersample option is just a way to smooth the appearance -- 
it doesn't increase the resolution.  The movie encoding bit rate also 
does not increase the resolution -- it simply reduces the artifacts 
introduced by compression such as halos around objects.


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