[Chimera-users] spaceball 5000

Sabuj Pattanayek sabuj.pattanayek at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Nov 20 11:13:25 PST 2007


Jean-Paul Armache wrote:
> hello,
> i have a question regarding usage of a 3d manipulation device.
> i have a spaceball 5000 device, which i would like to use under linux

Try google search for "evrouter". Never tried it myself but I've heard 
that it may work.

> (or windows). is there a way of using this device in chimera?

In windows doesn't the device come with a utility to send commands to 
certain windows? If not, google for "total game control", it's mainly 
for using joysticks with games that don't support certain joysticks, but 
says "Works with other applications, not just games." It allows 
unlimited usage but doesn't allow you to save your key configurations 
unless you purchase the full version.


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