[Chimera-users] mac OS / Leopard

Grant Jacobs gjacobs at bioinfotools.com
Fri Nov 2 13:43:21 PDT 2007

Tom & Mark,

Tom, I'm sure you are already aware, but just in case you're not: the 
build for X11 has changed in Mac OS X Leopard to one based on X.org 
from an XFree-based effort. There are a number of issues with this at 
present that are being discussed in Apple's X11 mailing list (Mark's 
post has a link to this). They are also informally releasing patches 
there, but I believe the current patch doesn't address the issue 
Marks refers to.

Mark, You could "unwind" back to the X11 used in Tiger--there are 
instructions on how to do this on the X11 mailing list. Some might 
argue you're better to wait for updates to the new version--? As for 
me, I'm staying with Tiger until the X11 issues are resolved as my 
work on my current contract needs it to be behaving!


>Hi Mark,
>   Thanks for reporting the Chimera X11 startup problem on Leopard.  We
>are about to put out a production release of Chimera and will fix this
>problem before the release.  If Chimera detects no X11 server running
>when you try to start it, then it tries to start it.  Maybe there is
>some fight between the Leopard's new ability to auto-start the X server
>and Chimera's both trying to act at the same time.
>     Tom
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