[Chimera-users] mac OS / Leopard

Mark Moll mmoll at cs.rice.edu
Fri Nov 2 07:48:51 PDT 2007

I took the plunge and upgraded to Leopard. The Aqua version of Chimera  
seems to run fine (or at least as well as on Tiger). The X11 version  
has some problems. In Leopard Apple has made significant changes to  
X11 (see e.g. http://lists.apple.com/archives/X11-users/2007/Oct/msg00065.html) 
. If you launch Chimera, it seems to hang (icon keeps bouncing in the  
dock), but if you quit X11 it will actually run. As soon as you quit  
X11, it will launch a different version of X11 (/usr/X11/X11.app  
instead of /Applications/Utilities/X11.app).

On Oct 30, 2007, at 2:42 PM, William Jeffrey Triffo wrote:
> anyone know if upgrading OS X to Leopard might effect Chimera (or have
> reason to think it might)?


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