[Chimera-users] Normal Modes, arrows and more...

Jean-Didier Marechal jeandidier.marechal at uab.es
Mon May 14 08:30:35 PDT 2007

Dear All,

I am trying to use chimera to draw arrows of the Normal Modes vectors I
previously calculated with charmm. I see different possibilities to
provide chimera with the vectors, but how can I draw the arrows? 

I found a request on the list from Mingfeng Yang that Petter answered in
october 2004 regarding a similar problem. Unfortunately the link
indicated for VRML does not work anymore.

What are the actual features of chimera that would allow me to do
something like this ?

All the best,


Dr. Jean-Didier Maréchal
Professor Assistant
Physical-Chemistry Unit
Department of Chemistry
University Autonomous of Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra, Spain
Tel: (+34).93.581.49.36
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e-mail: jeandidier.marechal at uab.es

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