[Chimera-users] CSB 2007 Molecular Visualization tutorial

Conrad Huang conrad at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Jul 30 10:35:11 PDT 2007

Scooter Morris and Conrad Huang will be giving an introductory molecular 
visualization tutorial using Chimera on August 13 at CSB 2007 (the 
Conference on Computational Systems Bioinformatics) in San Diego. 
Interested folks can visit 
http://www.lifesciencessociety.org/CSB2007/index07.html for more 
information on CSB 2007.  The tutorial abstract is attached below.

An Introduction to Molecular Visualization
Tutorial at the Computational Systems Bioinformatics (CSB) conference (AM2)
University of California, San Diego
August 13, 2007


Projects such as Structural Genomics are providing increasing numbers of 
experimental protein and protein-complex structures.  Furthermore, 
increasing numbers of theoretical models are being predicted from 
primary sequence.  Biologists have an increasing need to understand and 
communicate the structures, functions and relationships between these 
protein and protein-complex structures.  As a result, molecular 
visualization is becoming an important tool for the presentation and 
communication of the results of biological experiments and research. 
This tutorial will provide a basic foundation for the understanding of 
molecular structures through use of visualization tools.

Attendees will learn the basics of molecular visualization and will be 
provided an overview of available tools and techniques for 
visualization, analysis and modeling of protein structure. To make these 
concepts more concrete, attendees will be shown the academic program 
UCSF Chimera in more detail, and receive instruction in its features and 
use.  The field of structural biology is still changing, and new 
techniques are continually being developed.  Attendees will be shown how 
they can add new analysis techniques and their own data to the 


1. Introduction to Molecular Visualization
2. Available Tools
3. Using UCSF Chimera
4. Scenarios of use
5. Extending Chimera

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