[Chimera-users] clobbered chimera, can't start from fresh install (help)

William Jeffrey Triffo triffo at rice.edu
Mon Jul 9 12:18:46 PDT 2007


I changed some of the preferences for the IDLE shell, which produced 
errors that would not allow IDLE to run (tried to remap a couple of 
keys). This problem persisted when restarting Chimera.

so, I deleted that install (Mac OS X) and re-installed the most recent 
release, but still produced the errors, and cannot launch IDLE. I went 
ahead and deleted the files in ~/.chimera, but the errors still occur.

Are there any other user-specific files that I can delete that might be 
causing the problem? I am assuming this is the case, because even a 
fresh install has the same problem.

I submitted a bug report about the IDLE preferences issue I experienced, 
but am hoping a simple fix might allow me to launch IDLE again.



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