[Chimera-users] chimera question

明 明 seewindow at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Jul 8 02:48:02 PDT 2007

Dear sir: 
  I download the software UCSF chimera(version: chimera-0.2422-win32.exe). the I setup it in my computer(Windows XP). I want to use it to open my pdb file and the VIPERdb file. But I always could not open them. It always says that: Error reading C:\Documents and Settings\ft\1K3V.pdb: typeerror: argument 1 should be a str( see reply log for python traceback info). Then I want to ask for you help. How can I open the pdb file and VIPERdb file correctly?
  please read the appendix
  Thank you.
                                       Harbin veterinary research institute

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