[Chimera-users] Balloon text display issue v1.2304

Eric Dawson eric.dawson at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Jan 23 12:09:43 PST 2007


We are using Chimera production release version 1.2304 on Red Hat Linux
and SGI. When going from quad-buffered stereo mode to mono, the balloon
help as well as atom/bond balloon info is toggled 'off'. This can be
re-enabled within the session by toggling the balloon options manually
under Preferences, however I don't think this behavior existed in previous
versions of Chimera. Alternatively, the balloons can be restored by saving
the session and restarting the chimera software.

We use the balloon feature frequently to teach command line selection
syntax in our molecular graphics workshops. I wonder if anyone else has
encountered this behavior linked to hardware stereo. Thank you for looking
into this issue.



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