[Chimera-users] Movie resolution

Zoghbi, Maria Maria.Zoghbi at umassmed.edu
Wed Jan 17 09:58:10 PST 2007


I'm trying to make a movie, but the only format that I have been able to make work is the VCD (Video Compact Disc), which produces a low resolution movie (457x240). As soon as I change to a different standard format the recorded images are totally wrong (rotated, shifted, wear lines, etc). I have tried to choose my own resolution and the only one that has worked is when high=3/2width, but only when high ≤ 300.

Are these restrictions for the resolution of the movies normal or am I doing something wrong? How can a make a higher resolution movie?

I appreciate any help.




Maria Elena Zoghbi

UMass Medical School

Maria.Zoghbi at umassmed.edu


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