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Hi Nihshanka,
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Currently, molecular surfaces in Chimera are calculated by the MSMS  
package, as mentioned in this man page:

There is some description of surfaces there, but if you want more  
details you could get the reference cited therein and/or follow the  
"MSMS package" link to that software's home page.  I believe the  
algorithm includes some heuristics to make it faster.  Regardless of  
the algorithm, a molecular surface would never contain a point that  
is at the same position as an atom, because the atom will generally  
have a nonzero radius - the surface touches the surface of the atom,  
not its center.

I hope this helps,

On Sep 23, 2006, at 2:39 PM, Nihshanka Debroy wrote:

> Hi,
>      Not sure if this went the first time, so sending it again:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> -------------------------
>     I have been using Chimera to generate the Connolly surface for  
> several different proteins and saving the surface information in  
> X3D format. I was wondering what algorithms are used in the  
> Connolly surface generation. Is it the same approach that Michael  
> Connolly had come up with in his 1983 paper on Analytical Molecular  
> Surface Calculation, or is it a variation of that algorithm?
>     Also, when the surface information is saved by Chimera in X3D,  
> it breaks the surface into triangular faces. I noticed that the   
> coordinates of the points comprising the triangles are completely  
> different from the atomic coordinates. I am interested in learning  
> more about how the triangulation is created.
>     If you could direct me to a link or paper that would help me  
> better understand the algorithms involved in these two processes,  
> that would be great!
> Thanks.
> Sincerely,
> Nihshanka
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