[Chimera-users] Movie Question

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Sep 15 13:45:45 PDT 2006

Hi Jared,

  You can use "set independent" and then "turn y 3 120" (120 steps of
3 degrees each) to rotate each model about its own center as Elaine

  There is unforunately no command to face out maps or pdb models.

  An alternative approach to making animations in Chimera with a script
and the Movie Recorder tools is to use the EMANimator extension.


This is a Chimera extension distributed by Steve Ludtke of the National
Center for Macromolecular Imaging with his EMAN single particle reconstruction
software.  It allows you to move maps, spin them, fade them out, change
surface thresholds, and control clipping.  You create an animation timeline
that you can play in Chimera and later save to a movie file.  The main
disadvantage of EMANimator is that it will not do much with PDB models.
It cannot fade PDB models or control selection display of parts of those

  I'm going to add a command to the animation commands package on the
Chimera experimental features page


to fade in/out maps, and if it proves easy, pdb models too.  I'll send
another email when that is available.  Maybe later today or maybe next


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