[Chimera-users] Toolbar and Favorite on PC

jean-francois menetret menetret at bu.edu
Mon Oct 30 14:28:36 PST 2006

Hi Tom,

I have set the location of the preferences file as you just described. 
That helps, thank you

Now, something else that disapears: in the volume viewer, if I add a few 
new features then click "Save Default Dialog Settings", the new features 
are forgotten the next time I reopen Chimera ...
Is there a way to fix that?


Jean-François Ménétret,  PhD
Boston University School of Medicine
Physiology and Biophysics Department
700 Albany Street  W315
Boston, MA 02118
Email: menetret at bu.edu
Mailing address: 715 Albany Street

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Thomas Goddard wrote:

> Hi Jean-Francois,
>  I'm puzzled about your disappearing Chimera toolbar.  It seems Chimera
> is not finding its preferences file.  The location of the preferences file
> is set using Chimera menu entry
> 	Favorites / Preferences, category Preferences
> The path of the preferences files may be relative to the directory where
> Chimera starts.  If you start Chimera by clicking an icon in Windows XP
> the start-up directory is set for the icon.  Right click on the Chimera
> icon and choose Properties and look at the "Start in" field.  This should
> help you find your Chimera preferences file.
> 	Tom

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