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Jared Godar jared.godar at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Oct 20 08:57:24 PDT 2006


I am trying to use the 'represent spheres' command to draw attention to
specific residues in a model that is displayed as a ribbon.

I would like to first show the ATP binding site of the molecule with magenta
spheres, then show the three residuse which get phosphorolated.

Currently, I am able to display one of these elements or the other as
spheres, but not both at the same time.  I've tried to use a single
represent sphere command to specify all of the desired atoms, but can't seem
to get the context right,

represent sphere #0:426,431,432,ATP  and represent sphere #0:426,431,432 &
#0::ATP weren't working.

Help on the syntax to simultaneously display the two commands listed below
which are currently mutually exclusive would be appreciated.


color magenta #0::ATP; color magenta #0::mg;
represent sphere #0::ATP

#SHOW PO4 Residues

show #0:426,431,432; color yellow #0:426; color orange red #0:431; color red
represent sphere #0:426,431,432



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