[Chimera-users] viewing

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Oct 17 12:17:55 PDT 2006

Hi Jayant,

  Elaine was faster at answering this.  I'll send my description anyways
since it has a few more step-by-step details.

  The molecule and map go out of view because of front and back clip
planes.  These are always enabled in Chimera and the normal remedy is to
move the front clip plane forward, and back clip plane back further so
no clipping occurs.  To do this use the Side View dialog shown with menu

	Favorites / Side View.

The two vertical yellow lines represent the two clip planes in this view
from the side of your data.  Drag the yellow lines with the mouse to move
the clip planes.  The square at the left represents your eye and the
left vertical line is the front clip plane, the right one is the back clip


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