[Chimera-users] where is the chimera directory on my imac?

Catherine Lawson cathy.lawson at rutgers.edu
Tue Nov 28 14:52:04 PST 2006

Dear Chimera Folks,

I am familiar with adding experimental features to Chimera  
installations on linux and pc.  I'd like to do the same for the  
working installation of Chimera on my new intel dual-core iMac, but I  
cannot find the share folder that I should put them into.

I'm using UCSF Chimera beta version 1 build 2309 (2006/11/08),  
platform: darwin, windowing system:X11.  After I installed the  
software following instructions I moved the icon that was on the  
desktop to the applications folder, as suggested.  When I use the  
finder search I cannot find any folders named chimera or chimera.app.
Yet they must be there somewhere!  But where?

thanks in advance for your help...


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