[Chimera-users] Stereo on the 1.2304 version

Anna Feldman-Salit anna.feldman-salit at eml-r.villa-bosch.de
Tue Nov 28 03:19:17 PST 2006


Unfortunately, I'm facing with a problem of stereo option on the version 

I can see the stereo when I turn the "stereo" option on, but the quality 
of the picture is not of the best ones.
The main picture is likely screened on background, while it's also 
impossible to focus on the frontal part. I was playing a bit with 
camera-viewing parameters, but nothing worked for me.
Before, working with pymol I used the "swap sides" option, which helped 
a lot.
I tested our stereo glasses with pymol's stereo option again and it 
works smoothly.

Since I definitely prefer to work with chimera, I would appreciate if 
this problem would be solved somehow.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!



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