[Chimera-users] Gradient coloring

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Nov 20 11:28:59 PST 2006

Hi David,

  I added the coloring of surfaces based on the norm of the volume
data gradient.  You use the Surface Color tool.  If you would like to
try it out here is the code:


This zip archive contains a SurfaceColor and a VolumeViewer directory that
replace the existing ones in your chimera/share directory.  It should work
with Chimera version 1.2304 and newer.

  Open a volume data set, then show the Surface Color dialog (menu entry
Tools / Volume Data / Surface Color), select using "mymap.mrc gradient norm",
press the "Set full range colormap values" and press the Color button.

  Let me know if this proves of any use.


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