[Chimera-users] queries on making image

bala bala at igib.res.in
Thu Nov 9 08:32:03 PST 2006

Hello chimera users,

1) I hve to show two molecules in the same figure side by side. When i am
displaying, i have a problem that both molecules are not coming at same plane.
Is there any option to adjust this.

2) I labelled both these molecules. The labels are coming fine in the screen.
But when i create an image (i save it as tif file), some labels are getting
hided below my molecular surface. Which option i should use to rectify that.

3) How one can add text on the screen/near a particular spot on the molecule ?

4) Someone kindly Suggest me on best settings (i mean values) of the
resolution based on your experience of making figures using chimera or which
you normally use.

Thanks in advance,
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