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Greg Couch gregc at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Nov 3 10:23:57 PST 2006

What you need to do is a variation of option 1.  Here is a rehash of 
everything you have to do.  I don't have access to the a Quadro today, 
so some of the latter details will be from memory.

First, remove the consumer stereo driver.  The Quadro driver has its own 
stereo support.

Next go to www.nvidia.com, select "Download Drivers".  In the three 
columns, pick "Graphics Driver" in column 1, pick "Quadro" in column 2, 
and pick "Windows XP/2000" in column 3. Then press the "Go!" button. 
That takes you to 

Next, since chimera isn't listed, pick the "Windows XP/2000" link in the 
Quadro FX.  The driver works for the Quadro4 as well.

I believe you have already successfully done all of the above steps.

Next bring up the Display dialog (start / Control Panel / Display), switch 
to the Settings tab and press the Advanced button.  The resulting dialog 
should have many tabs (General, Adapter, Monitor, etc.) and one of the 
tabs will be the name of your graphics card, in this case Quadro4 900 XGL.
Pick the graphics card tab and you'll see the NVidia control panel.

Here come the crucial step.  NVidia has moved the stereo settings around 
in the control panel from one driver release to another.  Sometimes you 
will see various Stereo items listed in the associated popup menu to the 
left of the dialog, like what you see when the consumer stereo driver is 
loaded.  But if that is not there, you will need to go to the "Performance 
& Quality Setting" subpanel, and change the View from "Basic settings" to 
"Advanced settings", then in the scrolled table just below it, you will 
see the stereo options.  And after you set the right stereo options, you 
will get stereo.

If the above doesn't work, on Monday I can sit down in front of a Windows 
XP machine with a Quadro4 900 XGL and find out exactly what needs to be 

 	- Greg

On Fri, 3 Nov 2006, hsosa at aecom.yu.edu wrote:

> Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 11:32:15 -0500
> From: hsosa at aecom.yu.edu
> To: chimera-users at cgl.ucsf.edu
> Subject: Re: [Chimera-users] stereo
> I didn't know that nvidia had workstation and consumer version of their
> drivers. In any case the only 91.36 version that I found was at
> http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_91.36
> If I install this driver I don't see any stereo setting when I get to
> the video driver setting menu. Chimera stereo doesn't work either.
> In the NVIDIA web site there is a consumer stereo driver at:
> http://www.nvidia.com/object/3dstereo_91.31
> The web site  says that it requires 91.31 ForceWare Graphics drivers to run.
> I have tried the following permutations so far and I always get an error
> message when trying to go in stereo mode with chimera.
> 1 - NVIDIA driver  for Quadro4 downloaded from DELL support web site.
> (driver version?. date 2004)). This one seems to have native stereo
> support (at least it has a menu saying so).
> 2 - NVIDIA ForceWare driver 91.36 & Consumer stereo driver 91.31.
> 3 - NVIDIA ForceWare driver 91.31 & Consumer stereo driver 91.31.
> With options 2 and 3 there are is a test option in the driver menu. This
> test seem to run OK (i.e. I can see the two stereo images in a scene
> alternating rapidly). Yet chimera gives an error message when I tried
> the stereo mode (or calling the program with chimera --stereo).
> Maybe none of the above are the correct drivers ?.  Maybe  I need to
> reinstall chimera after installing the drivers ?.
> Thanks
> Hernando
> Greg Couch wrote:
>> On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, hsosa at aecom.yu.edu wrote:
>>> How can I use stereo (sequential mode)  ?. If  I click the stereo button
>>> in the camera dialog or start chimera using the command chimera
>>> --stereo. I get the error message:
>>> Unable to turn on stereo viewing
>>> Unable to find hardware stereo support
>>> (coulddm't choose stereo pixel format
>>> Couldn't figure togl widget)
>>> My graphic cards is a NVIDIA Quadro4 900  XGL.
>>> The Nvdia Stereo driver (v: 91.31) is installed and enabled.
>>> Chimera version is: 1 build 2255 2006/06/23
>>> Monitors: Two (dual) digital DELL 1900 FP
>>> Computer: Dual Xeon 1.4 Ghz, 1GB of RAM. Running Windows XP
>> I've made your mistake, you need to remove the NVidia Consumer Stereo
>> driver -- the Quadro driver supports stereo natively.  The Consumer
>> Stereo driver is for GeForce graphics cards (ie., consumer graphics
>> cards, not workstation graphics cards).
>> The lastest Quadro driver is version 91.36.
>> You still need to configure the Quadro graphics driver for stereo
>> after you install it.
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