[Chimera-users] X11 updated for Mac OS X, stereo now?

David Belnap David_Belnap at byu.edu
Thu Nov 2 16:54:51 PST 2006

Apple has released an update for X11 with the following comment:

This update addresses several issues in the X11 for Mac OS X package,  
enabling it to better handle:

- GLX stereo visuals
- offscreen rendering to GLX Pbuffers and Pixmaps

I downloaded it and tried to run Chimera (beta version 1 build 2199  
2006/01/24) in stereo.  It didn't work.  Does the X11 update have the  
stereo-in-a-window capability now that Chimera needs?  Is there a  
newer version of Chimera that will run in stereo on the Mac?


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