[Chimera-users] editing Python saved sessions

Jonathan Hilmer jkhilmer at gmail.com
Mon May 22 16:17:26 PDT 2006

Notepad++ will do a great job of editing the .py files.  I've found
that this is an extremely convenient way to accomplish certain tasks,
such as precise alignment of multiple clipping planes.  However, you
definitely have to know what you're looking for when digging through
the files.

On a related issue, I have a question regarding the saved sessions.
In some of the viral capsid models I've created a saved session is
enormous (about 60 megabytes) and fails to compile either
automatically when loading the .py session or manually using the
python.exe included with Chimera.  It seems to be a result of
excessive explicit attribute assignments that I don't really care
about (color etc) since they are easy enough to set once the model has

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this issue?


PS: Check out the most recent issue of Science.  Although the editors
chose the least visually impressive submission, non of the variations
would have been possible without Chimera: great program.

> Hello. My name is Anne Szklarski and I am a student at The College of New
> Jersey. I was wondering if there was a way that the python files could be
> modified in notepad. Does it require the Python software? The reason I ask
> is because I have been renaming certain atoms in the .ent files using
> notepad so that I may specifically select them in chimera. The only
> problem with my current method is that I have to start the rendering
> process from the beginning which is quite time consuming. So I was
> wondering if there was a way that I could alter the chimera file directly
> and not lose any of the colors, etc. that I have chosen. I appreciate any
> information on this matter.
> Thank you,
> Anne Szklarski

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