[Chimera-users] Question

szklars2 at tcnj.edu szklars2 at tcnj.edu
Fri May 19 06:46:52 PDT 2006

Hello. My name is Anne Szklarski and I am a student at The College of New
Jersey. I was wondering if there was a way that the python files could be
modified in notepad. Does it require the Python software? The reason I ask
is because I have been renaming certain atoms in the .ent files using
notepad so that I may specifically select them in chimera. The only
problem with my current method is that I have to start the rendering
process from the beginning which is quite time consuming. So I was
wondering if there was a way that I could alter the chimera file directly
and not lose any of the colors, etc. that I have chosen. I appreciate any
information on this matter.

Thank you,
Anne Szklarski

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