[Chimera-users] Different colors for individual chains within a model

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Mar 31 15:24:02 PST 2006

Hi Saul,

  The simplest method is to use the Chimera command "rainbow chain".
It gives each chain a different color progressing from red to blue.
Use menu entry Favorites / Command to display the Chimera command line
at the bottom of the main Chimera window, then type in "rainbow chain".

  If you want other color schemes you would select each chain and
then color it.  For example you could use menu entry Select / Chain / A,
then menu entry Actions / Color / Orange.  Another convenient way to
select the chain you want is to click with ctrl-left-mouse button on
a single atom in the chain to select that atom.  Then press the
up-arrow key on your keyboard once to select the containing residue,
then a second time to get the containing chain.  Then use the
Actions / Color menu.  One last hint.  It can be painful to keep
going to the Actions / Color menu.  You can "tear-off" this menu to
make it a separate window using menu entry Actions / Color / - - - - -.
The "- - - - -" is the topmost menu entry.


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