[Chimera-users] calculating charges for Dock

Joshua D Campbell jdcamp at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 28 13:50:21 PDT 2006

My name is Josh Campbell and I'm trying to prepare a ligand for docking that is
made up of non-standard residues using Chimera.  The Dock Prep tool of course
does not assign charges to non-standard atoms.  I looked at your UserGuide and
it said that there were other places to calculate non-standard residues using
the Antechamber module, but I could not find any of these tools anywhere in the
Chimera program.  If you could give me some clarification as to adding charges
on non-standard residues, I would be very greatful. I am working with "beta
version 1 build 2199 2006/01/24".  Thanks.

Josh Campbell
Harvard Medical School
Laboratory of Structural Cell Biology

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