[Chimera-users] Stereographics support

Eduardo Sanz Garcia esanzgar at terra.es
Thu Jun 1 11:23:56 PDT 2006


We've recently purchased a Stereographics E-2 Emitter to go with our Mac 
G5 equipped with an NVIDIA Quaddro FX 4500 Graphics Card.  As far as we 
know, the hardware is hooked up correctly, but when we try to run 
Chimera using command "./chimera --stereo", the following error appears:

'Unable to find hardware stereo support
TOGL Couldn't get visual'

We called the Stereographics company regarding this error and they 
mentioned that our software should have "blue line code" enabled.  They 
couldn't give me more details because they said they were unfamiliar 
with Chimera.  Could someone enlighten us with how we can get Chimera to 
run with stereo enabled?  Thanks.

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