[Chimera-users] chimera on linux ia64 (sgi prism)

Greg Couch gregc at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Jul 13 12:37:34 PDT 2006

On Thu, 13 Jul 2006, Sabuj Pattanayek wrote:

> I was wondering if there is a port for chimera to run on Linux IA64 (sgi
> prism)? The x86 version runs in emulation mode on the system, thus the
> graphics defaults to Mesa indirect glx (really slow). Would a dev be
> willing to port it for this system if given access to the system?
> I'm also working on getting pymol compiled for it. vmd already has a
> native port with good performance.

Try the SGI IRIX version of chimera on the SGI Prism, I'm told that the 
IRIX emulator does a much better job than the x86 emulator.  And please 
report back how well it works.  Since all of the Linux Itanium systems 
with graphics are SGI Prisms, if the IRIX version works well, there would 
be little incentive to do a separate port.

Our 64-bit desktop plan is to eventually do x86-64 (Opteron/Xeon) ports 
for both Windows and Linux as those systems should be more common.

If there are others who would use chimera port that is not currently 
available, please speak up.  It's a fair amount of work, so if there's no 
demand, it won't happen.

 	Greg Couch
 	UCSF Computer Graphics Lab

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