[Chimera-users] chimera vrml issues...

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Feb 17 10:00:56 PST 2006

Hi Janet,

  The Chimera VRML export only exports surfaces (molecular surfaces,
volume data surfaces, multiscale model surfaces).  It does not export
ribbons or atomic models.  Some text in the Export Scene dialog describes
this limitation when you select VRML as the File Type.

  The X3D export is probably the best option.  It is a pain to convert
but I would try the X3dToVrml97.xslt translator on a machine with more
memory if you think that is the reason it is not working.  If you don't
have a machine available, we can try on one of our machines.

  Greg Couch here will need to look at the POV and Renderman failures.


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