[Chimera-users] Dockprep and WriteMol2

Steven Finckbeiner sfinck187 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 4 16:13:58 PST 2006

I have Chimera beta version 1 build 2186.  I think it's the latest  beta available.  I'm trying to clean up some structures to run in  Dock.  When I do a google search, the following page comes up: 
      I  can't find Dockprep under the Surface/Binding Analysis menu.  Is this  something that will come out in future versions but the web page is  already built?  Or is it in later versions?  If so which?  My  particular situation makes it hard to get to SYBYL to assign charges  and define rigid and anchor sets.  I was thrilled to see that something  like Dockprep has at least been concieved of.  
      Also, when I try to save as mol2, I get the following error: 
        "Import Error: No module named WriteMol2."
      I apologize ahead of time if this marks me as a hopeless novice.  Any help would be much appreciated.  

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