[Chimera-users] compressed versus gzipped Re: Read compressed PDB files -question, suggestion

Moo Cow moocow at mindless.com
Mon Dec 11 03:54:40 PST 2006

A thousand pardons. You are right.
I phrased the question wrongly.

Chimera does open gzip'd files ( xx.gz).
It does not open compress'd files (xx.Z).

> You can also open gzipped files with Chimera's "open" command or as 
>   an argument as you start Chimera.
> >   You can use the Chimera File / Open... dialog to directly open a  gzip
> > PDB file.  This was added to Chimera about one year ago.  It does  not work

Why, you may ask, would anyone use compress these days ?
If you mirror or rsync the protein data bank, they are still distributing
files that have been squashed with compress and have a ".Z" extension.
gunzip will happily eat and uncompress these files.

I do not know how chimera handles compressed files. If it reads from a pipe,
it might be nice to persuade it to feed .Z files to gunzip.
I think it might be more difficult if chimera uses the python/zlib

Many thanks


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