[Chimera-users] further levels of detail in low-res surface of a single chain Multiscale model

Klinkhardt at em.uni-frankfurt.de Klinkhardt at em.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Apr 5 06:14:57 PDT 2006


I would like to divide/define the low-res structure of a multiscale 
model which contains only one chain. I need further levels of detail in 
this single chain (preferentially all single nucleotide bases as small 
podgy shapes and the backbone of phosphate-sugars as an irregular rope) 
so I can can animate the resulating smaller units later. In your online 
hept (documentation) there is written that a python script like 
#bluetongue.py# can create a multiscale model with further levels of 
(individual?) structure. I have opend the python script but 
unfortunately I am no programmer so I am not able to modify this script 
to my requirements. Is there a #more general# script which I can use 
for my chain or any other workaround??

Thanks a lot in advance,
best regards

Ute Klinkhardt

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