[Chimera-users] Please consider adding PyTables to Chimera

David E. Konerding dekonerding at lbl.gov
Mon Apr 3 15:06:21 PDT 2006


Recently I have been converting most of my scientific data to the HDF5 
format.  HDF5 is a powerful, high performance data format library.
I found an absolutely wonderful open source code, PyTables, which 
provides an HDF5 interface.  It adds enormous value to HDF5
by making it much easier to use, and exposing a lot of the complex 
functionality that HDF5 supports (such as variable-length records).


I would really appreciate it if you guys would consider adding 
PyTables.  I would definitely convert a lot of my existing extensions 
and processing tools
to use PyTables- for example, when I analyze trajectories to find 
hydrogen bond data and use that to render long movies, PyTables
makes it a lot easier (I already used the Chimera headers to build my 
own copy of PyTables on Linux, but it would be a lot more painful to do 
on Windows).

PyTables depends on numarray (although it also provides Numeric Python 
support).  I'd like to see numarray in Chimera as well
(although I could live with just Numeric support)


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