[Chimera-users] Move atoms (selections) in Chimera

Daniel Svozil svozil at uochb.cas.cz
Sat Nov 12 00:12:32 PST 2005

Hi Tom,

thanks for your help. It is really pleasant to see, tha Chimera is being 
actively developed, and the developers are so helpful.

I wonder, if there are any plans for the future to add molecular 
building capabilities into Chimera. It would be very nice to have an 
open-source (or at least free of charge) molecular builder in spirit of 
Insight available (but with more modern interface), because IMHO this is 
a kind of software missing in the portfolio of free molecular modelling 
programs, though its unexceptionable usefulness. Chimera with its strong 
visualization capabilities seems to be an ideal candidate for this.


Thomas Goddard wrote:
> Hi Dan,
>   There is currently no Chimera capability for moving atoms other than
> rotating about bonds.  But I have been wanting to add mouse modes for
> moving and rotating sets of selected atoms around.  Here is some Chimera
> code
> 	http://www.cgl.ucsf.edu/home/goddard/temp/moveselection.tar
> that adds a mouse mode to move selected atoms in the screen x and y
> directions with the mouse.  The archive contains a directory called
> MoveSelection.  Put it in your Chimera distribution in
> 	chimera/share
> or on Mac in
> 	Chimera.app/Contents/Resources/share
> Then when you start Chimera use menu entry Favorites / Preferences,
> and choose category "Mouse" from the preferences dialog.  This shows
> the mouse modes table with the available modes along the top line.
> The last one is for moving selected atoms.  Reassign a mouse button
> (say button 2) to this mode and you can move selected atoms.
>   There is no undo.
> 	Tom

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