Klinkhardt at em.uni-frankfurt.de Klinkhardt at em.uni-frankfurt.de
Fri May 13 08:10:43 PDT 2005


I have a question concerning the surface resolution of multiscale models. My
intention was to create a surface from pdb data, export it as vrml and reimport
it in maya for further animation, shading etc.
It works quite well (I had to convert the vrml file in ascii with Deep Explorer
first) but the problem is, that I do not get a fine surface with all its
convexities and sites for binding. This is important for my work because I
would like to animate receptor binding and subsequent signaling in maya. I am
looking for a fine surface like these MSMS main surface from pdb data. I do not
need many copies of single pdb surfaces but I guess I will only get a #real#
surface using the multiscale models tool?? I tried to change the surface
resolution (the best result was with resolution: 3, threshold atom density
0.00, smoothing factor 0.5 and smoothing interations 2/3) but I was not able to
create a really fine surface.
Is there any possibility to get a finer surface (like MSMS main surface) for
VRML export? If not, do you have an idea if there are other tools to do that?
It would be rally great if you could give me a short reply.
Thanks a lot in advance (and sorry for my english...).

Best regards


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