[Chimera-users] 1.2104 snapshot release available

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Mar 17 16:01:21 PST 2005

Hi all,
	A new Chimera snapshot release (1.2104) is available.  As usual, we 
recommend you download a snapshot release only if you need features not 
found in the preceding production release (in this case version 1.2065) 
since snapshot releases don't get the same level of testing as 
production releases.  Also, in this snapshot the Collaboratory feature 
doesn't work on Windows.  That said, here's the major things that are 


local documentation searching added (Help... Search Documentation)

nucleic acid ambiguity codes (R = A/G, Y = C/T/U, N = A/C/G/T/U) can be
  used in subsequence searching (Select...Sequence... and Sequence Panel)

new residue attribute "isHet" (whether the residue is in HETATM records
  in the input PDB file)


Attribute Calculator (Utilities) - generate new numerical attributes
   from existing ones; calculate totals or averages of a given
   numerical attribute

Demo Editor (Demos) - graphical interface for creating demos

Movie Recorder (Utilities) - capture image frames from Chimera and
   assemble them into a movie file

Surface Capper (Graphics) - cap surfaces where they intersect a
   clipping plane (the cap is maintained interactively)

Surface Color (Volumes) - color surfaces according to volume data

2D Labels (Graphics) - create arbitrary text labels and place them in 2D
[really a preliminary version; will be improved in the production 


Demos - changes in demo dialog buttons/menu; demo source file format
   changed to XML (see new Demo Editor); older format can still be played

MD Movie (formerly Movie) - added step size option for playing the 
   RMSD map calculation faster; added option to automatically recolor the
   RMSD map for contrast; new prefix for metafiles ("md:")

Multalign Viewer - Region Browser acts upon chosen region(s) (not
   necessarily the active region) and includes checkboxes to control
   which is active and which are shown in the sequence window

ViewDock - H-bond statistics can be included in the sortable columns
   of ligand descriptors

Volume Viewer - support added for UHBD electrostatic potential (binary 


movie - capture image frames and assemble them into a movie file;
   command-line implementation of Movie Recorder

writesel - write a parsable text file containing specifications of the
   currently selected (or unselected) items; command-line implementation
   of Actions... Write

                         Eric Pettersen
                         UCSF Computer Graphics Lab
                         pett at cgl.ucsf.edu

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