[Chimera-users] hardware stereo question

Sabuj Pattanayek sabuj.pattanayek at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Mar 16 11:50:17 PST 2005

We use these:

http://www.nuvision3d.com/the60gx.html, we purchased our newest 
emitter/glasses pair in 2004 for $395.00 + shipping/handling. We use 
several of these emitters interchangeably with SGI's/PC linux boxes.

I'm not sure about stereo on mac (see 
http://pymol.sourceforge.net/stereo.html), yet stereographics seems to 
sell E2 emitters for macs??

We do have one set of stereographics crystaleyes glasses and E2 emitter 
on an SGI, but the funny thing is the lab users prefer the nuvision 
glasses when sitting at the stereographics emitter because it weighs 
less. It seems you can't use stereographics eyeglasses with nuvision 
emitter however.

The range is good enough on the nuvision hardware that we can get 4-5 
people around a single 21" viewsonic monitor without loss of the stereo 

compare with the current stereographics solution:

CrystalEyes 3 - active liquid crystal shutter eyewear (includes 2 CR2032 
batteries) - requires emitter $795.00

E2 emitter for mac $295
E2 emitter for pc/unix $200
E2 emiiter for sgi $200

..i think nuvision also sells a 60GX-NSR for systems with video cards 
that don't have hardware stereo ..but I'm not sure how that works.

Hope this was helpful,
Sabuj Pattanayek

Virginia B. Pett wrote:
> I am interested in computer visualization, computer modeling, and 
> crystallographic software for teaching and research at The College of 
> Wooster.  We are going to replace our five-year old cluster of Silicon 
> Graphics machines in the near future.  We are considering a cluster of 
> PCs with either Windows or Linux, or Macs with OS X.  The big stumbling 
> block for us has been figuring out what is the best hardware platform 
> for three-dimensional stereo viewing.  Our current Silicon Graphics 
> machines have the Stereographics Crystal Eyes viewing system.
> Is there something newer, better, or less expensive than the 
> Stereograhics Crystal Eyes viewing system that is compatible with PC or 
> Mac?  Or is the Crystal Eyes still the best system for Chimera and other 
> molecular modeling and computer visualization software?  Stereographics 
> sells a CrystalEyes Workstation (either Windows/Linux or Mac) that looks 
> attractive.
> I would appreciate any advice you can offer.
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