[Chimera-users] "add-vertex" button volume viewer

Andrew Jewett aij at physics.ucsb.edu
Wed Mar 2 03:15:52 PST 2005

   Please forgive and ignore my earlier post.  I should have read the
manual first.  These features are already implemented.  I'm sorry.

   However there are some user-interface issues... In particular, the
method for adding and deleting points to the transfer function that
determines voxel opacity and color could be more intuitive.  (CTRL-click)  
This can have a big impact.

  I suggest putting small add-vertex, cut-vertex buttons near the 
histogram graph (see attatchment #1).  (I stole these icons from xv)
The results of using multiple vertices to control colors and or 
brightness-levels are strikingly better than using just two points.
It would be good to make it obvious from the user interface that this 
option is available. 

  Also, each time the user adds another vertex, a new color should be 
chosen, not the default white, in order to clue the user that the color 
can be changed.

  Similarly, it would be good to explicitly have an "add surface" 
"delete surface" buttons in solid or mesh mode.  (No icon necessary, 
just write the names out in the buttons themselves itself).

  So go ahead and leave CTRL-Click in, but add buttons to make it 
explicit, and make the default color change each time a new vertex
(or isosurface) is added.

  I've played with volume-viewer for quite a while, without 
realizing these options were available.  (RTFM, I know...)
And these features are _cool_.  For example, attatchment#2 is an image of 
the same phage-T4 shown in the chimera image gallery using multiple 
colors.  I like it a little better than the static grey image that Steve 
McQuinn made for the image gallery.

  Again, I apologize for my earlier email.

Anyway, cheers


okay, back to work...
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