[Chimera-users] clipping (interior surfaces and solids)

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Mar 1 09:38:55 PST 2005

Hi Andrew,

  We have already implemented capping of clipped surfaces.  When you cut
the surface with a clip plane it appears solid.  The cap can be made a
different color, or you can colormap volume data onto it.  This is not
yet released, but we plan to make a snapshot within 2 to 3 weeks that
will include it.  It only works for molecular, volume and multiscale
surfaces, not ribbons, spheres or other molecular model representations.

  The phage T4 slab in the Chimera image gallery illustrates the capping.
Also the semliki forest virus images shows it.


  If you have the above capping is it still important to have different
interior and exterior surface colors?  We added the capping because views
of the interior of a surface don't seem very useful.


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